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Tracing People

Types Of Traces:

1. Debtors–Easiest to find

2. Abductions–Hard but done sucessfully a few times

3. Biological Family–Difficulty varies

4. Old Friends–Usually Easy

Tracing people varies from the use of specialist databases to understanding and tracing through a person’s contact network of friends and family.

The trace then needs confirming with a human element.


Traces vary in from easy to difficult depending on the circumstances of the trace.

Any agency can do an easy trace (look up on a database) but it’s the more involved traces where the way the trace is done depends on how cost-effective it will be.

And how long it will take.

Past cases show our traces take between 1 to 2 days on average where more involved cases have taken 2 to 4 weeks. Even international ones.

Trace Requirements:

Traces can be conducted with just a name and date of birth, but the more you give us, the quicker and more cost effective the trace will be.

The Next Step:

Tracing someone is often the first step of a few that follow. Eg: Surveillance or finding things other out about the traced person is common, such as their employment, financial records etc.

When it’s a one stop shop, you’re after we are particulary experienced at this.

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